Home Addiction Recovery Program

Why in-home works…

We meet the client where they are at. Most programs function the same. You stay in a rehab home with 6 people and are taken to a central location for group. After the day at the center you go back to your sober home and do chores and go to your 12 step meetings.

We have you doing the same program only in your home…We come to you. One on One personal care. The Home Addiction Recovery program works. Recovery at Home!

We make an individualized schedule. Map out your day with chores and your 12 step meetings. We have the Chemical Dependency Counselor comes to your home and give you lectures and homework. We get you started with step work. We work on self-esteem, family relationships and getting rid of the past! We help you build a bright future.

No matter what program you attend, whether it be expensive, inpatient, or outpatient, there will come a time when you have to deal with life on life’s terms. We can help you through the process from start to finish. We can provide aftercare so you are not left alone.


Why are recovery programs so expensive? Because it is a big business. There is an endless supply of people with addiction problems. Recovery homes are cashing in. People and families are desperate to find an answer to their problems. There are programs that tell clients playing golf will solve their problem! Just pay the money and they will show you how. This is because people are willing to find the easiest softest way to stay sober. Do your research! It is important to check out places before you decide on a recovery program. Our first meeting is free. And if we think you need a different type of program we will let you know. We truly want to help! Our program is very reasonable because we want to help and we really care.

The Bad News…It will take hard work and motivation to start a life in recovery. We at the home addiction program will show you the tools to use to start a new and wonderful life. But of course there is no guaranty. We have an excellent program on relapse prevention.

Our Home Addiction Program can work for you. It is based on 12 step recovery and can help with alcohol addiction, drug addiction, and marijuana addiction. We are seeing more and more young people having problems with marijuana. Even though alcohol is legal, people still have addiction problems. Same with marijuana.

Our Home Addiction Recovery Program, Recovery at Home can help. If you are suffering, or have a loved one who is suffering call us today. Our initial assessment is Free.